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Richard’s interview in The Official Balanse Bum Run Newsletter

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.43.00 AM“…my story of detection and treatment isn’t about me. It’s a more universal story and my reason for sharing it is that if this could happen to me, it could happen to you. Treat me as a cautionary tale and call your doctor.”

If you don’t know who Richard Crouse is, you probably don’t watch a lot of movies…. or you watch a lot of bad ones. He can help you with that. A Canadian pundit on all things film – Richard is a film critic, author, broadcaster, regular contributor to CTV’s Canada AM, and so much more.

In March 2014, Richard revealed his diagnosis & butt-kicking year with colorectal cancer in his regular column in the Metro News. In March 2015, for Colon Cancer Awareness Month, he’s continuing to spread the word – Colon Cancer does not have to be a feature film. We all have the power to shrink it to a credit note. By no means does it get a leading role.

This is his message but not his story…

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Richard in the “Canada AM” newsletter, March 19, 2014. “Just get tested.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.45.45 AMRICHARD’S EFFORT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE 

Every week, Richard Crouse stops by to tell you what movies are worth seeing, and to talk about the watercooler moments of the week. However, today he came in to talk about something that could save your life. Most people are not aware that over the past few months, Richard has been treated for colorn cancer. He’s doing well and his prognosis is good, but he wanted to share his story with you to make sure that everyone gets tested. Richard is a private person, and he hasn’t shared his story with a lot of people. I am so incredibly proud of him for coming forward to help raise awareness, and to help spread the message that cancer is beatable, so don’t be afraid. Just get tested. Thank you, Richard. Be well, my friend. – AM Producer Jen

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